«Thanasis Bakogiorgos.
50 Years of Painting»

From IANOS Editions

   Albums hide inside them a spooky and magical confession. Tt is not only a dry and often fragmentary quote from the representative works by an artist. It's your sorrow to shout out for your one and other «child». May listen to, all to see. If they admire, if they say a good word, even better!. However, it is extremely difficult to issue an Album. Especially when this is the epitome of an artistic journey. Sometimes difficult, sometimes mysterious and interesting.
   Ianos publications, and Nikos Karatzas personally, kindly offered for the technical integration and publication of this bilingual album, which was designed at the printing workshop "Gramma" by Theodoros Vartholomeos. All material gathered with excess effort and many of the works were scanned in a special machine in order to be reflected as closely as possible.
   The book was divided into eight sections: Landscapes and churches, Memories and Landscapes from Byzantium, Byzantine Thessaloniki, Meteora, Figures, Decorative Painting, House in North Attica and the center of art and speech «Panselinos».


Pages: 216 Form: 23.5x28.5
Colors: 4 Bookbinding: hard cover
Issue: 2009 ΙSBN: 978-960-6882-10-4

Color slides: Apostolos Kryonas, Ioannis Kouijoglou, Manos Stefanidis, Andreas Sfyridis, Spyros Haraktinos
Digitization: Colour Consulting Group (CCG)
Photo Gallery: Ioannis Vanidis, Ioannis Kyriakidis, Apostolos Kryonas, Giorgos Kaitanjidis, Mixalis Pappous, Stefanos Papadopoulos
Translation / Proofreading: Virginia Akrivou